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Blue Lotus with Damiana Extract

Naturally Colorado

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Blue Lotus with Damiana Extract
This beautiful fragrant flower has so many benefits, I have added it to my list of must haves in the medicine cabinet!
An antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, full of flavonoids and alkaloids. It has been used to calm stomach upset, infection, cough, HBP and fevers. Anti-cancer and helps to prevent liver damage. One study found that the leaves, petals and stamens have strong anti-oxidative properties. Inhibiting enzymes involved with Alzheimer's Disease. Compounds like quercetin & catechin may help prevent or mitigate inflammatory pathways.
Another study found that lotus leaf extracts could inhibit pro-inflammatory compounds, including tumor necrosis factor -2, Interleukin 6, Nitris oxide & prostaglandin E2.
It lowers blood sugar, another study finding that lotus leaf reduces fasting blood sugar.
Amazing for libido for men and women! - helping with erectile dysfunction as well! Did you know it is also used in high-end cosmetic and skin care lines?
You can choose, with or without CBD & CBG!

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