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Naturally Colorado - Naturally Edible line of infused herbal honeys, teas, candies & more

Using all organic ingredients (except for our Gummies) 

Check out our handcrafted, herbal infused products.

Herbal Honey - 4-6 weeks infusion time, with organic herbs for specific needs. Slow infused, strained, then CBD added. Keeping the honey below 110 degrees to not ruin raw elements.

Dark Chocolate Honey - We start with Raw Alfalfa honey, organic dark chocolate at 71%, naturally flavoring and CBD to create 11 flavors of yummy, medicated goodness. Add to you cup of coffee, toast, waffles, fruit, or grab a spoon, jar, favorite book and dig in.

Herbal Teas - hand crafted with organic ingredients and intent.

Tinctures - up to 3k mgs in each bottle. Our tinctures are made to handle serious issues. Add it to your daily supplement!

Elderberry Syrup - Using raw alfalfa honey, herbs and cbd. A tsp a day to support your immune system during allergy season. Up to 3 TBSP a day to support your system during the worst of colds/flu. People report relief with in 24 hours.

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