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Hempy Pets

Naturally Colorado's - Hempy Pup - CBD Pup Products!

Because our dogs have a more impressive Endocannabinoid system then our own!

As a preventative, daily maitenance, or if an unfortunate injury or illness has occured. CBD as been proven as a anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, antineoplastic. antitumor, anxiety support and more!

Our Hempy Pup treats come in 2 doses, to treat all size dogs, and has been shown to support issues with Pain, Cancer, Tumors of all types, Arthritis, Hair Loss, Hip Dysplasia and many other ailments!

Our Hempy Pup, Pup Spray, is a favorite for owners of anxious or hyper dogs. Dogs who are nervous going to the vet, or scared of thunder storms and fire works. Simply misting the tops of their back, their bedding or furniture can ease your pups worries and fears!